WIND-UP NOSTALGIA is a light roleplay octet band in Final Fantasy XIV, on the Aether DC, that plays a range of music. We specialize in editing our own arrangements of existing songs from the 80s, 90s, classical, movie scores and more!When it comes to our performances, we play at a wide-range of venues from large to small. Though we do prefer the smaller setting, and favor immersive Roleplay venues as sometimes the band can have some silly banter while on stage.

Wind-Up Nostalgia

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Wind-Up Nostalgia

Scheduling: Dawntrail Release & IRL

With the release of Dawntrail at the end of June, I will not be accepting any performance invitations until DT hype has slowed down. Please be sure to join my discord to be kept in the loop.Additionally, effective immediately, I can only accept performances that start no earlier than 8pm CST (and that's pushing it for me) and that run no later than 10pm CST Mondays-Fridays. Saturdays are hit or miss during the day but any time after 6pm CST and run no later than 11pm CST.xoxo,

Upcoming Performances

WUN's Last Pre-DT Jam Party
Sarg/Goblet W17 P42
14 June8-10p CST

The Band

Hart Recording Studios

Hart Recording Studios

Hart Recording Studios is home to Wind-Up Nostalgia, but is also open to other bards and bands when not in use! Stop by for a visit!Aether/Gilgamesh/Lavender Beds W 25
Lily Hills Wing 1, Rm. #21

Carina Hart

Band Leader || Editor

Carina began her career as a bard in early 2022 under the mentorship of Frentis Rageborn (Frentis & The Ragehorns), learning from him not only how to play, but how to edit and arrange her own music. In short time, Carina was on stage as a member of Frentis & The Ragehorns and playing regularly at The Maple Bear Tavern in the Goblet.When Frentis decided to take a break from performing, Carina found herself breaking out as a soloist, and for a time the sole house bard for The Maple Bear Tavern. It was her time as a soloist that forced her into the spotlight.In the early summer of 2022, Carina and Frentis opened their own lounge in the Empyreum, Carina's Heart, where they could play whatever they wanted. It was here that Carina moved from soloist to band leader of her very own band. With support and mentorship from friends and fellow bards, Kira Nyx and Jack Trader, Carina learned in the late after hours how to better her skills as an editor of a full octet band.Today, Carina enjoys performing alongside her Lalafel companions, but also as a soloist.

Carina Hart

Roleplay: 100% Immersive
Favorite musical genre: Classical & Scores
Favorite piece: Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)

Minisa "Minnie" Misa

Roleplay: Immersive/Light (on and off stage)
Favorite musical genre: Everything!
Favorite piece: That's Amore (Dean Martin)

Minisa "Minnie" Misa

Stage name: Wind-Up Carina

Quirky, sugary sweet, and just a bit off, Minnie wants to make anyone she meets her new best friend. Minnie doesn't quite remember much of her early life, just that she lived on the streets of Ul'dah and made friends with the rats and stray dogs and cats. Her loveable personality and sweet smile, and probably the fact she has trouble pronouncing her "r"s, made even the most hardened merchants sympathize and offer her scraps for free. One day while looking for treasure in the trash, she came across an old brass horn. Anyone smarter in her position may have tired to trade it for some gil, a decent meal or new clothes, but Minnie knew this was something far more special. So she took to the plaza and started tooting away and was... absolutely abysmal! But she didn't hear the "boos" and "hissing" from the crowd, instead she took their heckling calls to mean that she was actually doing good!Today, Minnie remains a key member of Wind-Up Nostalgia, often tasked to take lead when Carina wants the night off.

Elelwa "Ellie" Elwa

Stage name: Wind-Up Eldarawyn

Orphaned when she was young, Ellie spent most of her life here and there in La Noscea. Making her way through life she tried to make it as a writer, but found that no one wanted her stories. One day she ventured to the city in search of inspiration and stumbled across a bard who was playing the most moving of music. The wordless melody touched her heart and made her feel there was a story hidden within the notes. And it was then that she thought that perhaps it was music that she was destined to make. With just enough gil saved, Ellie bought her first flute from a pawn shop.When she's not performing on stage, Ellie can be found with her nose in a book. She is the band's bookworm and enjoys reading stories to her fellow bards in their free time.

Elelwa "Ellie" Elwa

Roleplay: Immersive/Light (on and off stage)
Favorite musical genre: Pop
Favorite piece: Zombie (The Cranberries)

Fifike Fike

Stage name:
Wind-Up Mei'li

Fifike Fike

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Easy Listening
Favorite piece: Dante's Prayer (Loreena McKennitt)

Alalu Lalu

Stage name:
Wind-Up Alara

Alalu Lalu

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Classical
Favorite piece: Gnossienne No. 1 (Satie)

Kukulai Rorolai

Stage name:
Wind-Up Ke'rii

Kukulai Rorolai

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Rock
Favorite piece: Highway To Hell (AC/DC)

Kikimo Kimo

Stage name:
Wind-Up Akari

Kikimo Kimo

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Everything!
Favorite piece: The Last of the Starks
(from Game of Thrones)

Hahalai Didilai

Stage name:
Wind-Up Hoban'ji

Hahalai Didilai

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Country
Favorite piece: Friends In Low Places
(Garth Brooks)

Pepesamu Poposamu

Stage name:
Wind-Up Frentis

Pepesamu Poposamu

Roleplay: Light (on stage banter)
Favorite musical genre: Scores
Favorite piece: Mister Cellophane (from Chicago)


Very special thanks to these establishments and publications for supporting us!


Wind-Up Nostalgia

Scheduling: Dawntrail Release & IRL

With the release of Dawntrail at the end of June, I will not be accepting any performance invitations until DT hype has slowed down. Please be sure to join my discord to be kept in the loop.Additionally, effective immediately, I can only accept performances that start no earlier than 8pm CST (and that's pushing it for me) and that run no later than 10pm CST Mondays-Fridays. Saturdays are hit or miss during the day but any time after 6pm CST and run no later than 11pm CST.xoxo,

Please note that Carina works various work hours and will know her schedule and availability one week in advanced. For bookings that are more than one week out, please understand that the band may not be able to start a performance any earlier than 8pm CST and run no later than 10pm CST Mondays-Fridays. Saturdays are hit or miss during the day, but likely after 6pm CST and run no later than 11pm CST.Pricing: We do not have a set fee and go by "what you think the performance is worth". On average we receive between 1-2 million gil per hour set.Please be sure you have read the Restrictions, Terms & Conditions discussed below.Please include the following in your message:

  • Date/Time (with time zone) of the performance.

  • Location of the establishment and stage (inside? outside?)

  • Duration of the performance.

  • Tour name (if you are booking one of our tours)

  • What kind of vibe are you looking for (if applicable)

  • Any specific song(s) you would like us to play?

The quickest way to contact Carina Hart is via Discord at:
Carina can also be reached via email at: [email protected]
Or, you may also use the form below:


  • We only perform for North American data centers (Aether, Crystal, Dynamis and Primal).

  • We will only consider performing at establishments that are SFW or SFW 18+.

  • We do not perform at 'glitch venues' or on stages that require jump puzzles to get to (that means even if it is one jump).

  • We do not perform at large clubs/venues.

  • We do not perform at large scale events (indoors or outdoors).

  • Band members will need to be friended by the owners of the house/apartment of the location if located in the Empyreum or Shirogane residential locations. Please ensure you have 7 friends list slots available.

Wind-Up Nostalgia will arrive at least 30 minutes before the starting time to get set up. In the rare event of a delay that will impact performance start time, the Owner of the establishment or booking agent, will be notified immediately of the delay.
Wind-Up Nostalgia will play music suited to the establishment/tour booked/previously agreed upon vibe for the night. Music will be performed without any significant breaks (except if there are unexpected technical difficulties that need to be addressed), and throughout the agreed upon period of time.


  • Wind-Up Nostalgia (the band) reserves the right to refuse any booking without explanation why.

  • If booked for an establishment located in either the Empyreum or Shirogane, the owner of the house/apartment must friend all 7 band members at least one week in advanced of the performance date.

  • If Wind-Up Nostalgia is performing simultaneously with a DJ or other performer at your establishment, advertisement for the band on your flyer and your discord advertisement is required (either stating the band name or using our logo or official band photo, which will be provided). When Wind-Up Nostalgia performs for you, your establishment is advertised to our followers in our Discord and on this website. It is a courtesy to return the favor.

  • When using the Wind-Up Nostalgia logo or official band photo in a graphic or video advertisement, you agree to provide a proof of the ad to Carina Hart prior to publication for approval.

  • By booking Wind-Up Nostalgia for a performance at your establishment in no way means your establishment "owns" the band. Wind-Up Nostalgia is a guest performer and does not do contract work for any establishment.

  • You may request the band to play specific songs, but it is our right to refuse any song request without needing to give an explanation.


Your booking request has been sent to WIND-UP NOSTALGIA. We will respond as soon as possible.
If you do not hear from us in 24 hours, please send a DM on Discord to:


The following tours are currently available for booking. If interested, please Contact Us.

Come Away With Me Tour

Come Away With Me Tour

Ever wanted to book just Carina? The Come Away With Me Tour is simply Carina with her harp, sharing with you her favorite solo works by artists such as:

  • Yann Tiersen

  • Eric Satie

  • Hozier

  • Jewel, and so much more...

This concert is perfect for a softer, more relaxed atmosphere, cafes, libraries, or quiet parties.
Price (full concert): 1mil gil/hour
Runtime: 1 or 2 hours.

Road Trip Jams! Tour

Road Trip Jams! Tour

Road Trip Jams! Tour combats highway hypnosis with classics from the 1980s and 1990s! Enjoy hit tunes from artists like:

  • Billy Idol

  • Madonna

  • The Eurythmics

  • The Cranberries, and more!

This concert is perfect for any venue or party!
Price (full concert): 2mil gil (negotiable)
Runtime: approximately 2 hours

Friends In Low Places Tour

Friends In Low Places Tour

The Friends In Low Places Tour is jam packed with honky tonk classics for a hoedown vibe! This tour includes music from Country classics such as:

  • Patsy Cline

  • Garth Brooks

  • The Chicks, and more!

This concert is perfect for any venue or party!
Price (full concert): 1mil gil (negotiable)
Runtime: approximately 1 hour

Across The Stars Tour

Across The Stars Tour

Across The Stars Tour is a STAR WARS power hour feature music spanning across the Star Wars films, along with series such as Obi-Wan Kenobi, Ahsoka, and even the video game Star Wars: The Old Republic! Popular Star Wars songs included:

  • Princess Leia's Theme

  • Duel of the Fates

  • Cantina Band and more!

This concert is perfect for any May The Fourth celebration, themed venue, or party!
Price (full concert): 1.5mil gil (negotiable)
Runtime: approximately 1 hour

That's Amore! Tour

That's Amore Tour

That's Amore! Tour features love songs to share with that special someone! This tour includes love songs by classic artists such as:

  • Dean Martin

  • Whitney Houston

  • Glenn Miller, and more!

This lovely set is perfect for Eternal Bond celebrations or Valentione's Day parties!
Price (full concert): 1mil gil (negotiable)
Runtime: approximately 1 hour
Song Request: Do you and your special someone have 'your song' you want played? If I don't already have it in my songs list, I may be able to custom arrange the song for you depending on source availability. There will be additional fee for a custom arrangements determined by difficulty/time to prepare, etc.

The Classical Series Concert (2023)

The Classical Series Concert (2023)

The Classical Series Concert (2023) first premiered at Carina's Heart on 30 August 2023 as a celebration of classical music in three acts. The concert series includes:

  • The Carnival of the Animals (Saint-Saëns)

  • The Four Seasons (Vivaldi)

  • Scheherazade (Rimsky-Korsakov)

Perfect for a fancy evening, formal event, theatre venue, etc. Each piece is accompanied with an introduction to enhance the musical performance for the audience.
Price (full concert): 2.5mil gil (negotiable)
Runtime: approximately 2hours
(Individual works are available for booking)


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Promotional Images

Recent Performances (2024)


Wind-Up Nostalgia offers a wide range of music and hopefully there is something for everyone!
All songs have been edited and arranged by band leader, Carina Hart.
Browse our songs catalog by genre!

Wind-Up Nostalgia


Pop, Easy Listening, Etc.

ArtistSong Title 
AC/DCHighway To HellOctet
Bryan AdamsSummer of 69Solo
Christina AguileraBound To YouOctet
Christina AguileraLoyal Brave and TrueOctet
Tori AmosBells For HerTrio
Tori AmosCrucifyTrio
Tori AmosSmells Like Teen SpiritTrio
Tori AmosWinterDuet
ApocalypticaNothing Else MattersQuartet
ApocalypticaThe UnforgivenQuartet
Atlanta Rhythm SectionSpookyQuintet
The B-52'sLove ShackOctet
The BanglesWalk Like An EgyptianOctet
The Beach BoysGood VibrationsQuartet
The BeatlesA Day In The LifeSolo/Quintet
The BeatlesBlackbirdQuartet
BeyoncéCrazy In LoveOctet
BeyoncéDaddy LessonsOctet
Blind MelonNo RainOctet
David BowieFameOctet
David BowieRebel RebelSextet
David BowieSpace OdditySextet
Kane BrownThank GodOctet
Jeff BuckleyHallelujaQuartet/Quintet
Kate BushRunning Up That Hill (Stranger Things 4 version)Quartet
Mariah CareyAll I Want For Christmas Is YouOctet
Mariah CareyFantasyOctet
Mariah CareyHeroTrio
The CarpentersClose To YouOctet
Eva CassidyFields of GoldTrio
Ray CharlesHit The Road JackSeptet
CherDove L'amoreOctet
Eric ClaptonTears In HeavenOctet
Petula ClarkDowntownSolo
Joe CockerWith A Little Help From My FriendsSolo
CommodoresBrick HouseSeptet
The CranberriesZombieOctet
Dead Or AliveYou Spin Me Round Like A RecordOctet
Def LeppardPour Some Sugar On MeOctet
Neil DiamondGirl You'll Be A Woman SoonSolo/Quartet
Celine DionFlyOctet
Celine DionThe Power of LoveQuintet
Celine DionTaking ChancesQuintet
Celine DionTo Love You MoreQuintet
Cass ElliotMake Your Own Kind of MusicOctet
Melissa EthridgeI'm The Only OneSeptet
EurythmicsHere Comes The Rain AgainOctet
Fat Boy SlimWeapon of ChoiceOctet
Fever RayIf I Had A Heart (Vikings Theme)Octet
FilterHey Man Nice ShotOctet
Fleetwood MacThe ChainOctet
Fools GardenLemon TreeSolo/Quartet
GarbageOnly Happy When It RainsSolo/Duet/Octet
The Goo Goo DollsIrisOctet
Green DayBoulevard of Broken DreamsSolo
Whitney HoustonI Will Always Love YouOctet
HozierLike Real People DoSolo/Duet/Trio
Billy IdolMony MonyOctet
Billy IdolWhite WeddingOctet
Imagine DragonsDreamsSolo/Sextet
Janet JacksonIfOctet
Janet JacksonVelvet RopeOctet
Etta JamesStormy WeatherSolo/Trio
Jefferson AirplaneWhite RabbitOctet
JewelFoolish GamesSolo/Duet
Joan Jett and the BlackheartsI Love Rock N RollOctet
Elton JohnBennie And The JetsOctet
Norah JonesCome Away With MeSolo/Duet
Scott JoplinBethena WaltzSolo
Gary JulesMad WorldSolo
Katrina and the WavesWalking On SunshineSeptet
The KnackMy SharonaOctet
Lacuna CoilEnjoy The SilenceOctet
Cyndi LauperTrue ColorsQuintet/Octet
Peggy LeeFeverSextet
John LennonHappy ChristmasOctet
Little RichardTutti FruttiSeptet
LiveLightening CrashesQuintet
Lisa LoebStaySolo/Quartet
Madonna4 MinutesOctet
MadonnaLa Isla BonitaSolo/Quartet/Quintet
MadonnaLike A PrayerOctet
MadonnaLike A VirginSolo
MadonnaRay of LightOctet
MadonnaTake A BowTrio/Sextet
Aimee MannWise UpSextet
Martha and the VandellasNowhere To RunOctet
Dean MartinThat's AmoreQuartet
Johnny MathisWonderful WonderfulSolo
Loreena McKennittDante's PrayerOctet
Sara McLachlanAngelSolo/Duet
Sarah McLachlanBuilding A MysteryOctet
Don McLeanVincentSolo
MetallicaEnter SandmanOctet
Bette MidlerThe RoseSolo/Quintet
Glenn MillerMoonlight SerenadeSextet
MobyOne of these MorningsOctet
Alanis MorissetteHand In My PocketSolo
Alanis MorissetteUninvitedOctet
Nat King ColeSmileSolo/Octet
Nick Cave & The Bad SeedsRed Right HandOctet
Vanessa ParadisDis Lui Toi Que Je TaimeQuartet
Vanessa ParadisPourtantQuintet
Peter, Paul and MaryWhere Have All The Flowers GoneQuintet
P!nkGlitter in the AirSextet
Pink MartiniHang On Little TomatTrio
Pink MartiniLilySeptet
Pink MartiniNinna Nanna MarinaraSolo/Duet
The PixiesWhere Is My MindOctet
PlaceboRunning Up That HillOctet
PowderfingerMy HappinessOctet
Perez PradoMambo No 5Octet
The Rolling StonesOut of TearsOctet
The Rolling StonesPaint It BlackOctet
The Rolling StonesTime Is On My SideOctet
The RomanticsWhat I Like About YouOctet
RoxetteFading Like A FlowerSolo/Quintet/Octet
Nina SimoneSinnerman (Sofi Tukker Remix)Octet
Nancy SinatraBang Bang My Baby Shot Me DownSolo/Duet
Nancy SinatraThese Boots Are Made For Walkin'Octet
Smashing PumpkinsLily (My One and Only)Octet
Soft CellTainted LoveOctet
StaindIts Been AwhileOctet
Mazzy StarFade Into YouOctet
StingDesert RoseSolo/Octet
Strawberry Alarm ClockIncense and PeppermintDuet
t.A.T.uAll The Things She SaidOctet
Tina TurnerThe BestOctet
The TurtlesHappy TogetherOctet
Violent FemmesBlister In The SunSextet
The WeekndBlinding LightsOctet
Wham!Wake Me Up Before You Go-GoSextet/Septet
Wild CherryPlay That Funky MusicSeptet
Vanessa WilliamsLove IsQuartet



ArtistSong Title 
Garth BrooksAin't Goin' Down Til The Sun Comes UpSeptet
Garth BrooksCallin' Baton RougeOctet
Garth BrooksFriends In Low PlacesOctet
The ChicksNot Ready to Make NiceSolo/Quartet/Quintet
The ChicksTop of the WorldOctet
The ChicksTravelin' SoldierOctet
Patsy ClineCrazyQuintet
Patsy ClineI Fall To PiecesQuartet
Patsy ClineShe's Got YouSolo
Patsy ClineWalking After MidnightOctet
Dolly Parton9 to 5Octet


Film, Television & Video Games

Movie/TV/VGSong Title 
AhsokaAhsoka Theme (end credit)Octet
AmélieComptine d'un Autre ete-L'Apre-MidiSolo/Duet
AmélieLa Valse d'AmélieDuet
Austin PowersOpening ThemeOctet
Battlestar GalacticaPassacagliaDuet/Trio
BeetlejuiceMain ThemeSextet
Bram Stoker's DraculaMain Theme/Love ThemeOctet
Buffy The Vampire Slayer (TV)Main ThemeOctet
ChicagoMister CellophaneSextet
Corpse BridePiano DuetQuartet
The Dark KnightWatch The World BurnOctet
The DaVinci CodeChevaliers de SangrealOctet
Doctor ZhivagoSomewhere My LoveQuintet
East of EdenMain ThemeSeptet
Fringe (TV)The EquationSolo
Fringe (TV)Main ThemeSolo
Game of ThronesI Am Hers, She Is MineQuintet
Game of ThronesJenny of OldstonesQuartet
Game of ThronesThe Last of the StarksOctet
Game of ThronesMhysaOctet
Game of ThronesThe Rains of CastamereOctet
Game of ThronesThe Winds of WinterOctet
The Greatest ShowmanNever EnoughOctet
The Greatest ShowmanThis Is MeOctet
HalloweenMike Myers ThemeDuet
Harry PotterPrologeSolo
Harry Potter and the Deathly HallowsLily's Theme/Courtyard ApocalypseSolo/Duet/Septet
Ice CastlesThrough The Eyes of LoveSolo
Lost (TV)Life and DeathSolo/Duet
Lost (TV)There's No Place Like HomeSolo/Duet
Love StoryMain ThemeSolo
The MatrixClubbed to DeathSolo/Duet
Memoirs of a GeishaSayuris ThemeOctet
Un monstre à ParisLa SeineSolo/Duet
Moulin RougeEl Tango De RoxanneSextet
Nightmare Before ChristmasJack's LamentTrio
Nightmare Before ChristmasOogie Boogie SongTrio
Nightmare Before ChristmasThis is HalloweenQuintet
Pearl HarborTennesseeOctet
Phantom of the OperaAll I Ask of YouSolo/Quintet
Phantom of the OperaMusic of the NightSolo/Duet/Quartet
Phantom of the OperaPhantom of the OperaOctet
Phantom of the OperaWishing You Were Somehow Here AgainOctet
Pirates of the CaribbeanDead Man's ChestDuet
Pirates of the CaribbeanMain ThemeSolo
Porgy and Bess (Gershwin)SummertimeOctet
Requiem For A DreamLux AeternaSeptet
Schindler's ListMain ThemeSolo/Duet
Star WarsImperial MedleyOctet
Star WarsDisco MedleyOctet
Star WarsThe Force Awakens TrailerQuartet
Star Wars I: The Phantom MenaceDuel of the FatesOctet
Star Wars II: Attack of the ClonesAcross The StarsSolo
Star Wars III: Revenge of the SithBattle of the HeroesSolo/Duet/Octet
Star Wars IV: A New HopeCantina BandSextet
Star Wars IV: A New HopePrincess Leia's ThemeOctet
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes BackAsteroid FieldOctet
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes BackHan & LeiaSolo/Duet/Trio
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes BackMay The Force Be With YouQuintet/Octet
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes BackRebel Fleet/End TitlesQuintet
Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes BackYoda's ThemeSolo/Quintet/Octet
Star Wars VI: Return of the JediThe Emperor's DeathOctet
Star Wars: Knight of the Old Republic (VG)Iziz CantinaSolo
Star Wars: The Old Republic (VG)Clash of DestinyOctet
Star Wars: Obi-Wan KenobiMain ThemeSolo/Duet
Star Wars: Obi-Wan KenobiMain Theme (rock)Octet
Star Wars: Rogue OneJyn Erso Hope SuiteQuartet
Star Wars: Rogue OneYour Father Would Be ProudOctet
W.E.Evgenis WaltzDuet
WednesdayPaint It BlackSolo/Duet
The X-FilesMain ThemeOctet
Young FrankensteinTransylvania LullabyOctet


Classical & Avant-Garde

BeethovenMoonlight SonataSolo/Duet
GershwinThe Man I LoveDuet
GriegIn The Hall of the Mountain KingOctet
KhachaturyanAdagio from SpartacusQuartet/Quintet
V. MaeContradanzaSextet
V. MaeStormOctet
V. Mae/BachToccata and Fuge in D MinorOctet
V. MaeWarm AirTrio
MahlerSymphony No. 5, 4th MovementDuet/Quartet
MassenetMeditation from ThaisDuet
MozartFantasia in D minor K397Solo
MozartSonata No. 16Duet
OrffO Fortuna Carmina BuranaSextet
RachmaninovPiano Concerto No. 2Octet
RodrigoConcierto de Aranjuez (Adagio)Octet
Saint-SaënsDanse MacabreSeptet
Saint-SaënsRondo CapricciosoSolo/Trio/Octet
SatieGnossienne No. 1Solo/Duet
SatieGymnopdie No. 1Solo
ShostakovicString Quartet No. 8Sextet
SchubertSymphony No. 8, 1st Movement ("Unfinished Symphony")Octet
Teng Yu-hsienSpring BreezeDuet
TiersenLa BoulangeSolo/Quintet/Octet
TiersenLa DisputeSolo
TiersenLoin Des VillesSolo
TiersenPenn arr roc'hSolo/Duet
TiersenPorz GoretSolo/Duet
TiersenSummer '78Solo/Duet

Classical Collections

ComposerSymphonyCompletion Status
Rimsky-KorsakovScheherazadecomplete (45min)
Saint-SaënsCarnival of Animalscomplete (25min)
TchaikovskyThe Nutcracker6/24 complete
TchaikovskyThe Sleeping Beauty2/32 complete
VivaldiThe Four Seasonscomplete (42min)



Song TitleGenre 
Happy BirthdayvariousDuet/Trio/Sextet/Octet
Monster MashHalloweenOctet
Nearer My God To Thee-Solo/Duet
Levan PolkaFolkSolo/Octet